Find friends from school

       In this post today, I speak of a type of site that should be created in Portugal. The site is the, this site was created with the aim of us can find old friends from school (university or college) or a class, is basically a kind of hi5 only that school. For much our penalty only exists in the USA.
       But already believed in the possibility of finding an old friend who disappeared or who changed suddenly from school and you were in contact with him. Now with the, and can find this old friend thinks that the idea was a ball, it was not?
       This site is a type of hi5, has some characteristic, such as, photos and profile, but has more than that, have the ability to see events that are being made by their colleagues, see their blogs, meet new people and more. But for that you must visit the site
     In my humble opinion, first, the level of the site to look good. Furthermore, the level of this structure well prepared. Finally and in conclusion, in my opinion, should make such a site in Portugal.
     Finally, staying with some sublink, as, Nevada Alumni, Monta Vista High School Reunion and Manhattan Beach Classmates .

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